About Us


Tech  Solutions of Tampa Bay, LLC is proud to offer full technical support of  all EON products (TPS™, Documentor™, and Document Solution™), as well  as expert billing services, and IT/Network support.  

Tech  Solutions was founded by Jared Medlock and David Gerhart, former EON  executives. Following a merger, several providers approached us with a  desire to stay with their current software, but felt they were left  without options. Tech Solutions wants every provider whether they  are EON users or not, to continue operating their business and treating  their patients without interruption.

Your  patients will always come first. We are passionate about helping you  maintain your practice and operate your business efficiently, in order  to better serve your patients. We can accomplish this by delivering  expert technical assistance, billing services and networking support  with speed and efficiency.

Tech Solutions offers quality  technical support by professional and highly trained technicians. Our  goal is to avoid any change in service from the user’s point of view.